Tag Control

The Tag Control Module controls inventory in multiple stock locations with sensitivity to tag control of receipts and issues. The tag number can be automatically generated, manually overridden, or set for manual entry. Detailed notes can be maintained regarding a particular tag. The lot record contains heat number, metallurgy, mill, condition, special notes, and stock source information, as well as cost and dimensional information on each piece or bundle.

Metal-Pro has a very unique and useful feature in that users can design their own tag records. You may decide what information is to be prompted for (and searched on) for tag records. Different types of stock can have different tag prompts.

Each piece or bundle in inventory can have a unique identity, never to be lost. Complete traceability is available, no matter how the stock is processed, used, or who it is to be sold to. Given a particular tag number, the system can go forward or backward to display parents or children of the selected tag in the powerful Tag Genealogy Inquiry.