Website Launch

BAI Launches Its New Website and Celebrates 46th Year

New Website

We have updated and improved our website to not only more fully describe the breadth of the Metal-Pro software solution’s areas of application, but also the depth of its functionality. Our goal for the new website is to highlight the features and benefits of Metal-Pro in a precise and easily navigated manner. We hope you enjoy your visit. If you would like more information and/or a demonstration please call, email, or contact us by filling out the contact form.

Celebrates 46th year

On September 30, 2021, Business Automation completed is forty-sixth year in business! This in itself is something that would make most businesses proud. When you consider the average life of firms in the technical industry it is even more impressive. We are indeed proud of the staff and products that we have developed. Since our beginning in 1975 we have strived to provide flexible, state of the art products and service. We have achieved a reputation for excellent products and services at a superior value. We have been true to our initial goal of providing customized software solutions to firms that have complex requirements that cannot be solved by a “canned” package.

We have helped hundreds of business executives and owners achieve their goals in improving their businesses through the use of tailored software solutions. In addition to developing a staff of top talent in the industry that are more like family we have met many wonderful customers during our forty-six-year journey.

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